Virtual Bankruptcy Filing

Virtual Paralegal Bankruptcy Services

Our purpose is to make your bankruptcy law practice more efficient, more productive, and more profitable, by removing office distractions and saving you time.

Using the virtual bankruptcy assistant services of My Bankruptcy Solution to professionally prepare your Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions, and to perform necessary due diligence, frees you up to work on other projects, grow your client base, expand your practice into other areas of law, and so much more!

Not only will your time be freed up for these other interests, but you will simultaneously be generating more revenue than ever before!

Furthermore, our bk processing services ease or eliminate your staff’s heavy workload, freeing them up to work on other assignments as well.

Our bankruptcy petition preparation services include the following:

  • Conducting a prior bankruptcy search for each debtor to verify eligibility to file
  • Verifying that debtor(s) have satisfied the credit counseling requirement
  • Reviewing the completed Client Intake Forms
  • Interviewing the debtor(s) by phone to obtain missing information
  • Reviewing pay stubs to verify accuracy
  • Zillow® or RealtyTrac® property valuation
  • Land records ownership search
  • Civil and criminal records search
  • Lien search
  • Prior address search
  • Outstanding fines and judgments search
  • Unreported assets search
  • Kelley Blue Book® or N.A.D.A.® automobile valuation
  • Preparing a draft of the petition and all schedules, including the Means Test
  • Preparing the Statement of Financial Affairs and additional federal forms
  • Preparing additional local forms to comply with local court rules
  • Preparing a Chapter 13 plan
  • Preparing Attorney Cover Page detailing potential problems or questions
  • Making changes to the draft of the petition as per Attorney's instructions
  • Electronic filing of the petition
  • The completed petition will be emailed upon completion
  • Sending a copy of the completed petition to the client
  • Client data backup provided annually

All bankruptcy petitions will contain the attorney's name, law firm information, and bar number. Our company name does not appear on any part of the petition. All client and attorney information is held in strictest confidence.

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