What is a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant?

A virtual bankruptcy assistant (or VBA), is a highly skilled legal assistant who specializes in drafting Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 debtor bankruptcy petitions for consumer bankruptcy attorneys on an outsourced basis. Bankruptcy outsourcing is a proven method for increasing law firm efficiency AND profits, by reducing office and staff overhead, and office and debtor distractions, because the bankruptcy assistant works remotely, rather than inside the law firm.

How will they Save Me Time

We will save your bankruptcy law firm time by taking on the time intensive tasks of drafting the bankruptcy petition, researching and collecting due diligence supporting data, and phone follow-up with debtor(s). This frees you and your staff to concentrate on growing your practice and managing a higher volume of clients. We save our clients an average of 7 hours of office time per debtor, increase profits by an average of 46%, and reduce debtor calls to the law firm by up to 75%.

How will we Save You Money and Make You More Profitable?

There are several ways we will save you money and make you more profitable. Some are listed below: We are not paid an hourly wage, but rather, per petition that we prepare, so we can prepare your Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions at a fraction of the cost you would pay your staff to perform the same task Because we are highly trained and skilled in drafting bankruptcy petitions, you won’t have the time and money expense of placing “Help Wanted” ads, interviewing, hiring, training, or providing benefits. To learn more please visit our Get Started page and Highlights & Benefits page

How Does the Process Work

To view the detailed step-by-step process, you can go to Get Started page, all you need to do is download our Client Intake Forms, have your next bankruptcy client complete them, review them for missing information, and get them to us by fax or email, along with the debt counseling certificates, and the last 6 (six) months pay stubs or proof of income. After we receive this information, a virtual bankruptcy assistant from our office will contact you to briefly review the case before drafting the bankruptcy petition, and agree on an appropriate fee, if one has not already been agreed upon. Once the petition has been drafted, (normally within 24 hours), we will deliver the draft to you for review at your leisure.

After we have made any changes you request, and you have approved the bankruptcy petition, we will send the final petition to you ready for filing.

How Long Does it Take to Draft a Petition?

We strive to complete the drafting of petitions within 24 hours of receiving the completed Client Intake Forms, credit counseling certificate(s), and pay stubs or proof of income, however, the amount of time it takes to obtain any missing or additional information needed to prepare the petition properly, is the primary factor that determines the turnaround time for the final petition. We are available in the evenings and Saturdays to make certain that your bankruptcy outsourcing needs, and the needs of your clients are being met.

Is outsourcing bankruptcy petition preparation considered sharing fees?

No. We are providing a service to your bankruptcy law firm. Just like any other contractor, we are paid by your firm, NOT by the client.

What about Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)?

It is an independent contractor, working under the direction of attorneys nationwide. Any contact we have with your clients will be under your direction, and only to obtain information that you have approved. The client will be informed that we are not attorneys, and that we are calling on your behalf, to obtain information you need to complete their bankruptcy petition. If clients ask questions, they will be reminded that we are not attorneys, but that we will make a note of their questions to pass along to you, their attorney. Any email communication with the client will include a carbon copy to you. All bankruptcy petitions will contain the attorney’s name, law firm information, and bar number. Our company name does not appear on any part of the petition. All client and attorney information is held in strictest confidence.

How will We protect our client’s personal information?

Customer communication is under your direction, and we follow the strictest guidelines to insure their information is secure. Upon completion of each case we send you all the information and documentation of the case. We do not store cases for more than 30 days after they are filed, unless otherwise agreed upon with you. All bankruptcy petitions will contain the attorney’s name, law firm information, and bar number. Our company name does not appear on any part of the petition. All client and attorney information is held in strictest confidence.

Is your work guaranteed?

Absolutely! You have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are ever unhappy with anything at all, we will do everything in our power to make it right. If for some reason we can’t resolve your issue, then no payment is due for our services regarding the unresolved matter. Note that any petition prepared by us that is filed with the court constitutes your satisfaction with our bankruptcy processing services.