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Free Bankruptcy Leads

Get Free Set Up & $100 In Free Bankruptcy Leads!

Our bankruptcy leads are mostly inbound calls right into your law firm, looking for a free consultation.  $100 in leads usually results in 10-20 calls to your bankruptcy law firm.  Each case is worth about $1,700-$3500 on average, so your firm can make $10,000 on just our free leads.  Need help taking on more bankruptcy cases or just getting started?  Take a look at our Virtual Bankruptcy Paralegal service and save time & money.  Don't waste your firms time chasing down customers, our inbound call leads are on the phone and ready to schedule a free consultation.  We produce both chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy leads right in your law firm's practice area.  Try our free leads today and grow your law firm the easy way.

Are you tired of having split fees from referrals from other attorneys, maybe it's time to start generating your own bankruptcy leads? We have great options for generating live inbound leads online from local clients.

$100 In Free Bankruptcy Leads

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