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legal leads
Get $100 FREE Inbound Calls

     Our legal lead prices vary from state to state and types of lead.  We limit 2 law firms per city so contact us to make sure your area is available.  We also offer discounts to law firms using our virtual bankruptcy assistants to save money and time.  

About our $100 in free legal leads:
-$100 free legal leads for new law firms
-Exclusive legal leads for Attorneys
-Local clients form 20 miles around your law practice
-Multiple city discounts
-Call tracking , reporting and sales coaching
-Live calls from local clients ready to meet with an Attorney

   When people in your area search on their smart phones for bankruptcy attorneys we make sure your firm is one of the top options to chose from. Getting smart phone users to call is one of the easiest ways to bring in highly profitable cases.

      With the uncertain economy make sure your law firm is positioned to capitalize on potential hard times.

To Get $100 In Free Legal Leads contact us to see if your area is available for your type of law practice
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